Home Security Tips
Make sure all exterior doors have good properly working locks. Preference is a 1” deadbolt. Tucson home security tips
Don’t leave extra keys outside under doormats, potted plants and any other obvious location.
Check to see who’s at the front door before opening the front door.
Place a wooden dowel or pipe in the channel of sliding glass doors and windows.
Keep garage doors closed.
Keep vegetation trimmed to make your doors and windows more visible from the street.
Ensure your house numbers are clearly visible.
Get to know your neighbors.
Lock all side gates.
Lock your electrical breaker boxes.
Store valuables and cash in a safe or safety deposit box.
Keep blinds shut in rooms with expensive and valuable items.
Create a “lived-in-look” in your home whether you’re there or not.
Adjust you telephone ringer to a low volume level.
Test your smoke detector devices annually.
Consider replacing all smoke detector batteries every two years.
Make a fire escape plan.


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